A New Environment

Since resigned from the previous job finally I managed to find a new job after 2 months through the introduction from one of my insurance agent. I has been introduce to a job that is fully utilizing the knowledge that I had learnt previously in my university – Financial Planning!

Its has been 3 years for me to study in this field but I was blurred toward my future. But when I step in to this Financial Advisory Firm I realized actually that is a lot of things for me to explore instead of those theoretical knowledge. It’s call Blueprint Planning.

Blueprint Planning is licensed financial advisory firm regulates under Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia. It is fully practicing about the Financial Planning. Maybe you will have the doubt like me, there is no much of differentiation between insurance industry and financial planning field. But actually it is partially wrong. Why? If Financial Planning is a Hypermarket like ‘Aeon, Tesco or Giant’, then the insurance industry will be one of the department which selling their products under the Hypermarket. What makes it different is Financial Planning Firm is comprised of those departments such as Tax Planning, Small Business Solutions, Retirement Planning, Pension and Annuity arrangements, International Wealth Management and Protection, Budget, Cash Flow and Debt Management, Risk Management Planning, Investment Planning, Education Planning and lastly Estate Planning. The only ultimate goal is to help the client to achieve what they wants in their life. This is the what Im trying to do now.

Im not the planner but just a case manager for a financial planner, an assistant who provide the solution on the back-end side for those planners. You may said that Im like the boss for those planners because I have the right to push them to fight for more cases and cases. There is pros and cons for this as well, if they would have closed many cases I will definitely get a high commission for itbut on the other side, my workload will be getting higher and higher as well.

So far, I has been stay with this company for 2 months up to the date. I hope this is the one and the last one which is worthy for me to stay for a period because with it, I have the chances to explore to what have I learnt before and at the same time I do also have the opportunity to learn the latest market trend from time to time especially for investment. As stepping into a new year, new hope and new beginning for me. Fighting!!!

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