Right or Wrong??? What do you think?

After 5 months of working in the previous company I decided to resign. Many people do have asked me this question: why the salary so high but you choose to quit? Although we are earn to live, but have you ever asking yourself that is it that’s what you want? As a fresh graduate, RM3,000 above salary is consider good at the moment, but the opportunity cost that I have to sacrifice is the smiling on my face. I keep on asking myself, does it really worth me? I lost my smile, I lost my health and I never be happy working there since the first day I joined.

You ask me, do I feel regret? Yes, of course I have. But if I strict back to the job, I will feel even regretted as compared to now. Some time I was feeling upset, because there is one friend of mine who graduated from the same college with me get the better treatment in the same company as me.

I’m feeling upset because I become one of the victim of the company political issue in my department. I have tried to convince myself for so many times to ignore those issue but then the issue are getting bigger and bigger. Even though the issue have been raise out to the top management but its seem like even worse that before. I feel very disappointed and do not see any hope with the company. Finally I decided to resign.

At this moment, I was  looking for second job in my life. Seriously, I got no idea what I want to be and what I want to do at this moment. Even though I realized doing sales is the best income earner during this conceptualization age but then how hardcore are you willing to take and sacrifice for your dreams?

Everyone of us do hope to achieve Financial Freedom, but how much do you know that the story behind each successful people. Success come because of desired. Im have been involved in a network marketing sales before, it is a great definitely, just my desired is not strong enough for me to achieve my dreams. There is too much I have sacrifice. To be the 5% others that 95% of people in the earth it really not easy but it does not impossible make it happen.

How long I can success? I do not know, but what I know from the day when I choose to take part in network marketing my life are means to be different from the rest of you guys. Just like the roller coaster, up and down.

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