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Personal Financial Planning in Malaysia- Your Blueprint to Financial Success


A book that I recommended for those would like to start their own financial plan. It is easy to understand with simple guidance for every single reader even though without any financial background.
The contents including:
Chapter 1- Foundations of Financial Planning
Chapter 2- Managing your taxes
Chapter 3- Managing your credit needs
Chapter 4- Managing your insurance needs
Chapter 5- Managing your investment needs
Chapter 6- Retirement & estate planning needs

Why Financial Planning?

According to MFPC, it’s definite that Financial Planning is a process or methodology of assisting clients in determining their financial goals, objectives and priorities and the resources to meet them in an optimal and practical manner. Thus, everyone needs at least basic financial planning.

However, many people still failed to do financial planning. The main reason is because they do not understand the process of financial planning. They think financial planning is only about picking investments or buying insurance products and these activities are obviously for those wealthy people. Since they are not wealthy, so they think there is no need for any financial planning. In additional, they also do not have enough money for it because they may think that financial planning services may cost very high fees. Perhaps, people avoid planning out of fear because they are unwilling to confront with the reality that they face in their life. Therefore, they choose to avoid from it. As a result, they will procrastinate it.  

Financial planning helps an individual to evaluate both current and future financial position in order to establish the strategies to achieve their individual may run certain risks such as having insufficient funds to meet big future expenses like education costs, down payment for a home or meeting retirement expenses if financial planning is exempted. A successful financial plan will help an individual to beat inflation, minimize taxes, manage the unexpected, achieve the goals and meet the retirement expenses

The sooner and the earlier the people do the financial planning the better. This is because the financial planning of an individual will change from time to time.People’s needs and goals are changing due to different life cycle. The earlier an individual conduct the financial planning, the easier to reach the  financial goal……

Please give me some time !?

I need some time. I need some time to let it go, let the betrayal feeling to go after me. I  didn’t blame the two snatchers, because it was my carelessness, so I cant blame. But, the only person that I blaming is myself. Why I so believe in him, why i believe him will rescue me? I starting to realized, there is no one can trust except myself. That’s why I had has the betrayal feeling…

Give me some time, I need some time… I don’t how to face you “YM”… Maybe you will also blaming yourself too because of coming late as what we promised a day before, or actually you never has any ashamed feeling?

Even I already forgive you as you apologized to me yesterday but it a bit late, I forgive you as you apologized but its doesn’t means Im able to face you as usual… because my heart has been broken… it really painful…

An “Excited” Day in my life ???

Around 0830 morning my friend and I were waiting for another friend to fetch us for work. However, the guy was coming half an hour late of what we had promised last night.

We are sitting just outside the gate of my house, suddenly there are two Malay guys which drove a motorcycle stopped in front of my neighbour’s house, I thought they were there to look for my neighbour. Without able to react to it, one of the guy was standing in front of us with a big sword. Even he took over our belongings, I don’t even realized he is a snatcher! He took my phone first and try to grab a laptop which held on me. I was reluctant to give the laptop to him at the beginning luckily my friend told me to let it go; by that time, I was starting to realized he is a snatcher.

Just after the snatchers running away another friend of mine was reached. I was very angry. If he would come on time, this thing wont happened to us. If my friend didn’t with me that time, I might fight against the snatchers. Thus, I might not be able to sit in front of my laptop now. There was many of ‘IF’ in my mind, and I felt I seem betrayal by a best friend of mine. At the moment I felt that guys can not be trusted at all… Not even an apologize after that…

After we make the police report our car was stuck on the way going back to work. We have no choice to call the car service and immediately find another replacement car.

I was wondering why my luck so ‘good’ today… Maybe it is a fate…